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We are located in the Center Building, the stucco building with the red tile roof. The building is across from the Sienna Hotel, behind Applebees, set back off the street. Turn off of Franklin Street like you are going to Applebees and you will run right into the building.


Managed Care Insurance

Although you have obtained the proper authorization from your primary care physician, if your managed care insurance company determines that a particular service is "not medically necessary", the company will not pay for the visit and the patient is responsible for any amount due on the day that the service is rendered.

Services that are considered non-covered may include the following:

  • Trimming of toenails, corns and/or calluses
    (This includes routine foot care for the diabetic patient that requests nails, corns, and calluses trimmed).

  • The treatment of orthotics, arch supports, molded shoes, removable casts and other foot care items including padding supplies.

For a complete listing, please consult your member booklet, or telephone your insurance company.

Please print and complete the managed care insurance form for your first visit.

Patients with State Health Insurance

Effective June 12, 2001, the State Health Insurance is no longer covering routine foot care.

Routine foot care as defined by Blue Cross Blue Shield State Health Plan includes debridgement of corns, calluses, and trimming of nails.

You will now be responsible for payment of these services.

Please note: Diabetic foot care will continue to be covered by the State Health Plan.

If you have any questions or want to clarify your benefits, call the State Health Plan at 1-800-422-4658

Please print and complete the state health insurance form for your first visit.

Notice to Our Medicare Patients

Medicare will only pay for services that are determined to be "reasonable and necessary" under Section 1862 (a) (1) of the Medicare laws. If Medicare determines that a particular service, although it would be otherwise covered, is "not reasonable and necessary" under the Medicare program standards, Medicare will not pay for that service.

Medicare is likely to deny payment for trimming of your toenails or corns and/or calluses or warts. Medicare deems these services "routine foot care" in almost all instances.

Please print and complete the Medicare insurance form for your first visit.

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